An Overview Of Down-to-earth Plans For Tour Japan

A Background ทัวร์ ยุโรป บริษัท ไหน ดี In Intelligent Products

Tale of North Korean Waitresses Who Fled to South Takes Dark Turn

Kim after five of his former classmates were executed in a purge of officials close to Mr. Jang. Mr. Heo said he met a South Korean agent in a motel in China, signed a letter of allegiance, and had his picture taken with a South Korean flag as proof that he would not betray the agency. But his spying was exposed in 2016, and when he asked his contact at the National Intelligence Service to help him defect, the official ordered him to bring the women with him. Mr. Heo said he was promised big rewards, like a medal and a government job. He said this was an operation approved by President Park and everyone was waiting for me, Mr. Heo said of his contact at the intelligence agency.

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